“A” and “B” Championships

The “A” and “B” finals are this upcoming Saturday Nov 5th at the Allison Grounds Field.

“A” Final

2:00pmRage vs. Dub Squad

Both teams are at their first “A” Championship game! The Dub Squad, a new team this season, finished in 1st Place with a record of 10-1. The Rage are in their 8th season and they defeated the Raiders (35-20) this past Tuesday Nov 1st to advance to the “A” Championship Game. During the Regular Season, the Dub Squad defeated the Rage in two games by a score of 13-12 and 14-6 (a net of 9 points) while the third match up was a Default by the Dub Squad. So, this Super Saturday it will be a battle for the teams as each team wants their first “A” Championship Trophy!

“B” Final

11:00amBrick City Bombers vs. Bandits

It’s the second season for both teams! The Brick City Bombers are making their 2nd appearance in the “B” Championship game while it’s the Bandits first. The Bandits beat the Brick City Bombers two of the three games during the season. Now it comes to one game to see which team goes home with their first “B” Championship!

Good Luck to everyone!

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