2019 “A” and “B” Championships (Super Saturday)

The “A” and “B” finals (aka Super Saturday) are this upcoming Saturday Nov 2nd at the Allison Grounds Field.

“A” Final

2:00pmRage at Volunteers

The Volunteers, in their third season, have finished in 1st Place with a record of 10-2-0. During the Regular Season, the Volunteers won all three games against the Rage (40-14, 40-6 and 15-0).  However, the Rage are the defending “A” Champions after winning the 2018 A Championship 13-12 vs. the Volunteers!  This game is a fight for the Rage wanting to defend their title while the Volunteers want one!

“B” Final

11:00amAverage Joe’s at Bandits

The Bandits, in their fifth season, have won the “B” Championship before back in 2016.  The second year team, Average Joe’s, are going back to the “B” Championship looking for the title.  The only game between these two teams in 2019 was on opening day on Sept 12th where the Bandits won 34-7.  Any Given Super Saturday…a Championship Team will be made!  Who’s it going to be…

Good Luck to everyone!