2022 “A” and “B” Championships (Super Saturday)

The “A” and “B” finals (aka Super Saturday) are this upcoming Saturday Nov 5th at the Allison Grounds Field.

“A” Final

2:00pmTigers at Volunteers

The Volunteers, in their fifth season, have finished in 1st Place and have been in the “A” Championship game in all five seasons. They are looking to reclaim the “A” title to make it their second. The Tigers are in their inaugural season with a 3rd place finish in standings and now at the “A” Championship game after two playoff wins. During the Regular Season, the Volunteers won both games against the Tigers. However, the past is the past and now the only thing remains… one game to determine the 2022 “A” Champions!

“B” Final

12:30pmBandits at Brick City Bombers

Seven is considered a lucky number and these 7th season teams are battling it out for the “B” Championship. During the regular season they each won and lost a game against each other. The Brick City Bombers finished 2nd Place in the standings which is their best team record. Plus they are the “B” defending champs and aiming to keep it to claim their fourth “B” Championship. The Bandits are 2-1 when they are in the “B” Championship game and looking for their third “B” Championship. Needless to say, this game is very important for each team. The one question is, who wants it more? Come out to watch the game to see who will be the 2022 “B” Champions!

Good Luck to everyone!