2022 Playoffs- Quarter Finals (Sun Oct 30th)

We had to apply the Tie-Breaker rules between the tied 1st place Brick City Bombers and Volunteers. Based on the games between the two teams:
  • Rule 1 – The Most Points (PTS) were tied as each team were 1-1.  Move on to Rule 2.
  • Rule 2 – using the best net from the points scored (PF) minus points allowed (PA) which goes to the Volunteers with a +15 (25-40). So, 1st Place is Volunteers and 2nd Place is Brick City Bombers.
The Playoffs for the Quarter Finals is set for Sunday Oct 30th:

10:00am (6th at 3rd) – Tipsy Tomato Titans at Tigers

11:30am (5th at 4th) – Renegades at Bandits

WINNERS will advance to the Semi Finals.

RUNNER UPS will be eliminated from the Playoffs