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2021 Annual Awards Results

Here are the 2021 Season Results:

“A” Champions – Bandits

“B” Champions – Brick City Bombers

League Leading Scorer – Luke O’Grady (Volunteers) with 49 points

League Leading Sacks – Devon Bradbury (Bandits) with 17 sacks

League Leading Interceptions – Luke O’Grady (Volunteers) with 6 interceptions

Plus 2021 Stat Leaders are available (Located on the Right Hand sidebar or view the Menu)

The 2021 Year End Stats is available for download. Go to the About Us ~ Documents section to download it.

Or Click Here: 2021-SJMTFL-Year-End-Stats

Thanks for another great season and enjoy the off season… see you all again in Sept 2022!!!

2021 “A” and “B” Championships (Super Saturday)

The “A” and “B” finals (aka Super Saturday) are this upcoming Saturday Nov 6th at the Allison Grounds Field.

“A” Final

2:00pmBandits at Volunteers

The Volunteers, in their fourth season, have finished in 1st Place back-to-back seasons and are the defending “A” Champions.  During the Regular Season, the Volunteers lost their opening game to the Bandits (6-13).  After that lost, the Volunteers have been on a winning streak which includes two against the Bandits (13-0 and 20-0).  The Bandits sixth season only had two losses and they were to the Volunteers.  They are now leaving their 2019 “B” Championship behind and are looking for their first “A” title.  This game will be a battle for the Bandits to produce that win like they did in the season opener while the Volunteers want their back-to-back “A” title.

“B” Final

12:30pmAverage Joe’s at Brick City Bombers

The Brick City Bombers, in their sixth season, have won the “B” Championship before in back-to-back seasons in 2017-18.  The third year team, Average Joe’s, are going back to the “B” Championship for the third time in a row looking for that title.  The Bombers have won all three games against the Joe’s during the regular season.  The past is the past and the only thing left to do to play the game to see who will be the 2021 “B” Champions!

Good Luck to everyone!

2021 Playoffs Tuesday Nov 2nd

Playoff Time is here this Tuesday Nov 2nd and here are the games scheduled at Allison Grounds:


7:00pm Brick City Bombers (3rd) at Bandits (2nd)

8:30pm Average Joe’s (4th) at Volunteers (1st)

***Championships – The Winners will advance to the “A” while the runner-ups advance to the “B”***

Super Saturday (aka the Championships) will be held on Saturday November 5th at Allison Grounds.

Dave MacGowan passed away

We are sorry to hear the passing of Dave MacGowan. He was a member of the league starting back in 1977 until 1995.

He worked to bring the Touch Bowl (The Canadian Touch Football Championship) to Saint John in 1990 & 1993. We was a key contributor of the Trojans up to his retirement from the league in 95′.

He was also the League Statistician and we were able to get copies of the stats 1988 to 1995 from him in 2016.

In 1995 as part of the 20 year anniversary of the league, he wrote two pages as a reflection titled: TOUCH FOOTBALL – 20 Years Later by Dave MacGowan. Here are the closing remarks:

As you can tell, I have accumulated a lot of great memories during the past 19 years. To each of you who have been apart of making those memories, I thank you. And to those players who are new to the league, I thank you for being a part of tomorrow’s memories. I sincerely hope that this game can provide you with as much satisfaction as it has given me.