League Awards

At the Annual Awards Presentations which is held every November a few weeks after the Championship games are played, Awards are given out for:

  • * “A” and “B” Division Champions
  • * Leaders in the Stats Categories (Scoring, Sacks and Interceptions)
  • * Each Team has Awards for the three Categories (Offensive & Defensive MVP and Sportsmanship)

Then each team votes one name from each Team Award category (Offensive & Defensive MVP and Sportsmanship) with the exception of your own team, to nominate the League Awards for that Category.

Season Derreck Dixon Offensive MVP Award Armond Drummond Defensive MVP Award Tawn Stephenson Sportsmanship Award
2023 Jon Hachey Kevin Keenan Josh Gordon
2022 Jon Hachey Peter Stoner Chris Boyce
2019 Sean Galbraith Chris Boyce Mike Gillespie
2018 Jon Hachey Andrew Ewart Mike Gillespie
2017 Richard Naves Jeff Thomas Tawn Stephenson
2016 Chris Boyce Peter Stoner Rick Dean
2015 Jon Hachey Peter Stoner Rick Dean
2014 Mike LeBlanc Peter Stoner Jamie Bridgeport
2013 Chris Boyce Peter Stoner Mike Sampel
2012 Richard Naves Giuliano Debortoli Mike Creamer
2011 Chris Boyce Giuliano Debortoli Chris Roy
2010 Chris Boyce Jim Mather Jeff Thomas
2009 Jon Hachey Jeff Thomas Josh Wells
2008 Jim Mather Dwight Kyle Derek Langille
2007 Troy Newell Darnell Hogan Dave Seely
2006 Reece Roche Darren Lavigne Andrew Bettle
2005 Jim Mather Darnell Hogan Kevin Muise
2004 Matt Smith Sean Chamberlain Derek Langille
2003 Mike Sampel Darren Lavigne Derek Langille
2002 Derreck Dixon Tony Palmer Josh Wells
2001 Ken Lawrence Jr. Tony Hogan Josh Wells
2000 Mike Gillespie Kris LeClair Sean Chamberlain
1999 Derreck Dixon Steve Anderson Peter McIntyre
1998 Andre Dumas Tony Hogan Steve Anderson
1997 Peter McIntyre Tom Higgins Ken Lawrence Sr.
1992 Kevin Carson Tony Hogan Tony Wong