Want to enter a Team in the Saint John Men’s Touch Football League (SJMTFL)?

Call the League President Ken Lawrence Sr. at 333-3891

Check the FAQ for more information regarding the league at http://www.sjmtfl.com/faqs/

High Level

  • Cost – Team Fees plus additional $15 per player for Insurance
  • Stats are kept (Points, Sacks and Ints) ***A Score Sheet must be handed  in no longer than 1 week after a game is played
  • Each Team provides 2 Refs either to the game before yours or after
  • Regular Season games and then Playoffs.  Winners from the Playoffs play on Championship Day (aka Super Saturday)
  • There is a Year End Banquet (usually 2 weeks after Super Saturday) where awards are given out (League Leaders and Team Awards)
  • Team Equipment
    • 3 Cones (2 same color and 1 different as this is for the line of scrimmage, rusher line and the 1st down marker)
    • Whistles (Each Ref MUST have one)
    • Football Balls (recommend two as one for the game ball and one for kick offs/punts)
    • Tee for Kickoffs