1986 “A” Champions – SPEEDY GAS TANK

Congrats to the 1986 SJMTFL “A” Champions:

Speed Gas Tank

Speed Gas Tank’s Carl Olsen intercepted a pass late in the fourth quarter setting up Dave McGowan’s game winning touchdown, as Gas Tank downed Three-Mile Tavern 18-14 on Sunday at Shamrock Park.

Down 12-6 at the half, Three-Mile took a 14-12 lead in the third quarter when Kevin Beyea scored a major that was converted by Tom O’Reilly.

McGowan – who scored a pair of touchdowns – opened the scoring with his first TD in the first quarter, only to have Bruce Harding tie things up a few minutes later.

(***This information was found via an article from the TJ or ETG that was posted in the Facebook Group – Saint John Sport Memories New Brunswick.***)